Redesign Kickoff Links

1.      Redesign Technical Setup and Migration Guide

2.      Migrate Data From Classic USAS into USAS-R

3.      Pre Data Extract Procedures

4.      Post Import Procedures

5.      Differences in Carry Over Encumbrances

6.      Support

7.      Fridays with Fiscal

8.      ITC Training and Registration

9.      Prior Year Webinars

10.   SSDT Production Release Training Materials

11.   SSDT YouTube Channel

12.   Year and Calendar Year End (some of the training materials on this page are being updated now)

13.   Documentation

14.   Shared Training and Implementation Documents

15.   Shared Training Documents

16.   Public Shared USAS-R Reports Library

17.   Public Share USPS Report Library

18.   Touch Base Meetings

19.   Third Party Vendors

20.   Newsletters – Can subscribe at the top of each newsletter

21.   Separate Manuals for USAR-R | Appendix and USPS-R | Appendix
(includes Checklists, General Procedures, Report Procedures and FAQs)